Additional Services

Paw Balm Application


A quick application of Da Paw Balm, paw butter for pets! This can help dry or cracked pawpads; helpful for dogs who walk or frequent salty, sandy or dry areas!

Available IN-SPA

Teeth Brushing

Approx. $8-12

Your pooch's teeth will be brushed by a groomer so you don't need to fight with them or their stinky breath!

With Toothbrush (for first-time brushers): $12

Without Toothbrush (if your pup already has a brush in-spa!): $8

Available IN-SPA and MOBILE

Ear Cleaning


A clean-out of your dog's ears! If they are at an extreme condition, it may be safer and more effective to give your veterinarian a visit as there could be infection or etc.

Available IN-SPA and MOBILE

Nail Polish

Approx. $8-10

Your dog's nails will be painted with pet safe nail polish and there are several colours for you to choose from! This can be applied to ALL of your dog's nails... even if they have 5 paws!!

Front Paws: $8

ALL Paws: $10

Available IN-SPA

Anal Gland Expression


An expression of the anal glands, done externally.


* Note: The groomers at Purrdy Paws collectively agree that this type of procedure is best done internally and with an experienced vet or veterinary technician. We are not qualified to diagnose an anal gland complication and if an issue is present we do not want to aggravate an already dangerous condition. If you are worried about a compacted or infected anal gland please see your vet *

Available IN-SPA

Colour Treatment (Temporary)

Contact for Pricing

A temporary pet-safe colour treatment for your pooch! Available in a variety of colours, patterns, designs and styles! Contact us to speak with a groomer about what you would like to be done to your best friend!

Pricing varies.

Available IN-SPA

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