Creative Grooming

a pet-friendly fashion craze

Purrdy Paws Pet Grooming Spa is now offering Creative Pet Styling!!

Our creative groomers are offering everything from stick-on jewelry to stencils and 3D designs to full-body dye jobs! Talk to your groomer to discuss what you would like done so we can make your dreams a reality!


A bat on the behind, some spider-spots, or a festive design -- no matter the idea, our groomers are excited to spruce up your pooch!

* Washes off in the bath

Dog with stencil of a bat


From pumpkin cuffs to full-body dye work, our groomers love it all! Please speak to your groomer about what you dream your pooch to look like!

* Temporary or permanent pet dye

Dog wit dyed legs to look like pumpkins


Earrings, face jewelry and full-body jewelry designs are available to help your pup look like the most treasured pooch on the planet!

* Pet-safe, non-toxic glue

Dog with stick on jewels


A dash of colour to make your pooch stand out and be extra fancy at the holiday parties! ;)

* Dries within minutes!

Dog with nails painted


Whether it's cute bangs, a lion tail or a different kind of skirt from normal, our groomers will work their best to create the cutest look for your dog!

Dog with bangs


Do you dream of a 3D design on your pooch's behind? Our groomers are able to aid you in your vision for a spunky dog by carving skulls, stars, hearts and more! Please talk to your groomer to see if they can make your dreams come true!

Dog with 3D sculpting

All of the products that we use are pet-friendly, meant to be used on pets, and non-toxic.