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Purrdy Paws Owner/Manager

Started Grooming: 

Certifications, Diplomas, Awards & Achievements: Certified Pet Groomer, First Aid and CPR Level "C" and AED Certified, Pet Professional First Aid & CPR Certified


Hi! My name is Tianna, I am a Dog groomer at Purrdy Paws grooming salon. I have a diploma in Professional Canine Pet stylist program from Apex Academy in Regina.


I have a strong passion for animals! As a child I begged my parents for a dog until we finally got one! I instantly bonded with her and she became my best friend! I would dress her in a superman cape and call her superdog! As a groomer my goal is to nurture the love and kindness dogs bring into our hearts. Like my dog Jewel gives to me. We all have an unbreakable bond with our dogs!  I enjoy seeing dogs coming into themselves after they are groomed and seeing happy clients at the end of each groom. I want all dogs to feel like superdogs!